Teresa Bergin:  Sex Therapist & Psychotherapist

Intimacy Difficulties

Experiencing problems within your sexual relationship with your partner is not at all unusual.

Because sex is the most intimate part of a relationship, any disruption can be distressing and upsetting and lead to further difficulties within the framework of the relationship. Loss of sexual  desire can be common for both men and women and can be connected to stress, tiredness, the arrival of a new baby, fertility concerns, communication problems or indeed a specific sexual dysfunction.  We are living in a time of economic crisis which for many people is causing worries about finances, employment and living arrangements- all of this can put pressure on a relationship and of course the sexual relationship. Sex is very personal and individual for every couple-what seems right for another couple may not be for you. As a sex therapist, Teresa will help you identify the blocks to intimacy within your relationship and work with you to openly discuss and explore them in order to create a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Contact Details

You can contact Teresa Monday to Friday during office hours to arrange a sex therapy or psychotherapy appointment on 086 8265535 or by emailing her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Teresa has two private practices, in Dublin city centre and in Dublin 9.

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